Who We Are

Set You Free Australia is a network, a community and a family of like-minded individuals committed to empowering one another to be financially free and to live life on your terms.

Here at Set You Free Australia, we're your partners in progress. Let's unlock your potential and together let's chart a course towards both financial and personal fulfillment.

Our Mission

At Set You Free Australia, our mission is empower you to thrive, prosper, and evolve.

We are here to help you shed old beliefs, find your purpose and develop new skills that can propel you to fulfilling your true potential.

What We Do

At Set You Free Australia, we facilitate transformative personal journeys step by step.

Through connections to world-class mentors, immersive life-changing events, and personalized one-on-one guidance, we help you sculpt a life of purpose and success.

Our Areas of Focus

Self Mastery

Your journey within. Embrace personal growth and master yourself for limitless success and fulfillment.

Business Mastery

Systems that empower. Craft your business masterpiece through expertly designed systems for enduring business prosperity.

Property Mastery

Unlock wealth through property. Attain mastery in real estate for financial abundance and security.

Our Culture

At Set You Free Australia, the entrepreneurial spirit is our lifeblood, creating relentless positivity and an empowering 'can do' attitude to life.

We nurture a culture that champions bold ideas, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of greatness.

Our Values

At Set You Free Australia, our core values are rooted in heartfelt connection and a passion for igniting others' success.

We thrive on and making a meaningful impact in people's lives and helping them navigate the journey towards entrepreneurial success.

Our Motivation

Our motivation at Set You Free Australia is the belief that every dream deserves the chance to flourish.

We're inspired by the prospect of helping individuals transform their future and see their business grow.

Our Events

At Set You Free Australia, we believe in the power of learning and mentorship. Our events connect you with experienced mentors with achieve remarkable success in their respective fields.

Delve into what's next – find out about our upcoming live and online events by clicking below.

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